Getting out of my own way

Working on my problem of practice I ran into a lot of trials and tribulations, most of which I think I created for myself. I have gone through the emotions of having the tools and not remembering how to use them. Trying to narrow down this idea of evaluating one-to-one tablet programs has been challenging. I have settled on including student centered and teacher centered parameters to drive my paper because I feel both demographics are equally important during this evaluation. The students should have a say in a similar way to the teachers in their use of technology.

None the less my writers block has finally been broken, and I have a rough draft/outline. Through my readings I found points and studies I want to use, but feeling like I had to write around the studies was the source of my writers block. When I chose to just write and then insert the studies later (and then build upon) I couldn’t stop writing. My language probably needs work but I finally have a flow.

In getting out my own way and trusting that I know this subject matter, I have been able to show that. It’s been a great feeling that I wish would have evolved earlier.



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