Key Assignment

My Blendspace Key Assignment 


4 thoughts on “Key Assignment

  1. Alex says:


    Your problem of practice is so key to 21st century learning. I feel that I also get the “this is how we’ve always done it” excuse very often. Your solution leaves lots of room for growth and redefinition if needed. Your infographic was also very helpful to display your information. Do you think the results of the survey might have been different if you had surveyed an entire department? I also like how you used both students and teachers in your focus groups. Would the eventual goal be to include the entire school? Out of all of my professional developments, I always found tech training to be the most interesting (not just because I’m studying it haha).

    Good luck with this next year!


  2. Kellie Pedrojew says:

    Hi Amelia,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with your ideas. I’ve seen many schools decide to become 1:1 with technology without having any idea of how to implement and use the technology for each subject area. Every teacher has to come up with their own way to facilitate the use of technology in the classroom, sometimes without training or guidance. This is not only a school problem, but also a school system problem.

    Kellie P.

  3. Kaitlin B Cornelissen says:

    Hi Amelia,
    Many districts implement new technology and never look back to see if what they have implemented is actually working or not. You are completely correct when discussing the necessity of going back and seeing if the 1:1 tablets are really enhancing student learning! The middle school I teach at has a classroom set of laptops in almost every classroom, and there are teachers who simply choose to not use theirs because they are teaching “how they have always done it”. By sending out the survey, you will allow for teachers to be honest about student use of the tablets. Through sending out a student survey, you will easily be able to see if the thoughts of the teacher are aligning with those of the students. If the survey comes back with responses that show the tablets being used for less than ideal reasons, this opens the door for you to implement professional development on ways to utilize the tablets in the classroom. Overall, your plan is well thought out and should hopefully be an eye opening and helpful experience for next school year.

    Katie Cornelissen

  4. Chrissy says:

    HI Amelia,
    Wow, I totally agree with your comment about it was just how they always did it. So many times do you walk into a classroom and that is the mentality. I think it is great your school is trying to be a twenty-first century school. 1 to 1 tablets are great. Would this take the part of a teacher, or would the students just use them for work? I am excited to see if you do this next year and Im sure you would have great results.


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